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Whites on the South Coast [2008-03-31]

It's worth mentioning that two great whites were encountered in recent weeks.

Moo(Alan) Frazer had a harrowing encounter with one of 3/3.5 meter off Pumula on a shore dive recently where he had swam out and speared some fish and caught some crays when a persistent White pitched on the scene and chased him out of the water, Alan left his crays and fish/bouy anchored to his weight belt and swam back to shore with his reel gun and launched nearby by boat to retrieve his gear, on arriving to find his bouy,the shark was still in the area and he was forced to spear it as it made a charge at him. details of viz etc. are a bit scetchy.

Jaco Blignaut was spearing out at 19 fathom off Park Rynie when a monster great white came up off the bottom and swam up to him on the surface where he prodded it away, luckily it was more inquisitive than aggressive but Jaco reckons its biggest one he`s ever seen 5m+ a bit.


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