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Spearfishing in Japan by Andrew Nel [2008-03-25]

l just spent 3 weeks in Japan, signing off plastics tooling for one of our projects.

What an experience, but after 2 weeks of seeing thousands of japs, trains, train stations, mother of all traffic jams and minute hotel rooms - l had to see some open space.
l caught a train from where l was staying in Itchinomiya to the coast- maybe 100ks or so.

l found the coast and a small fishing boat harbor, nothing like the boats you see here, most of the boats have single motors, old 2x cylinder 40s or 85hp yammies.

l spotted 2 japs in wetsuits on a boat so ran across to check the scene out.
They were sorting their catch - what looked like black tails without the black spot. All around the 1.5kg mark l counted 67 fish as they were taking out the hatch into buckets, but there could have been more.

l also saw they were using Rob Allen guns the new handle version. very, very well used, looked 20 years old, with stainless spears.l could see they were obviously commercial spearoes, old cressi wetsuits and fins, well used. l wanted to take a photo of the guns but they got very angry, so l stuck the camera away.
l said Rob Allen gun want to take photo l know Rob Allen, they say Rob Allen iine, iine - which is very good in Japanese. Thats all l got out of them.
They had five guns on the boat, 4 x 1.2m and 1 x lm, two of the 1.2m guns had small KP type reels with a type of dynema orange in colour. The gun rubbers also a dirty orange colour.
Your swivel and marlin clip was removed and replaced with a rope loop.

l presumed they dive deep judging by the length of float lines and the 3kgs bolted to rubber weight belts.
Also on deck plastic type protectors like MX knee pads,very scratched.
l presume this is to protect their knees while lying on the reef.

Just thought l would let you know, your guns rock in Japan.


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