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Marlin stoned by Coenie Swanepoel. [2008-03-25]

I was swimming with a dead Bonito on my flasher at a place called David Shoal, aproximately 35 km from the shore and aproximately 40 - 45 km from our camp at Pebane northern Mozambique. One of my diving partners just shot a smallish King Mackeral and was busy reeling it in. At that moment I watched him and my Bonny flasher and still thought what an ideal situation for something big to come in and have a look.

he next momement I just saw something big came from my left side flashing blue lights at one hell of a speed. It came straight for the bonny and pulled its bill up by bending it's body while hitting down towards the bonny as if going in for the kill, but stopped about two inches on top of the bonny without touching it, just looking at it. At that moment I was already on my way down, but had to return to the surface as my float rope became entangled around my shoulder. I was just staring at the fish swirling around the bonny wanting to hit it again with it's bill but again stopping just short of hitting it. At that stage I was ascending for the second time but again got tangled in my float line propably because I was over excited seeing a marlin in the water the first time in my life. Fortunately the marlin swirled around again and repeated his striking at the bonny. It came around the fourth time and I realised if I don't put a spear into it, it will propably swim away. I dived down a third time and to my astonishment the marlin swirled around a bit below the bonny and came slowly to it taking it in its beak very gently and looked straight at me diving down towards it. My gun was in position to fire and I shot it right through the head (top to bottom) with my spear going almost right through it's head. The marlin just shook like a spine shot and was dead on the spot.

Obviously I was totally astonished because I did not think that I would kill such a fish with one shot. Reaching the surface I was screaming like a crazy madman. Mark Smith still asked me if it was dead and I shouted to him it is stone dead. I imidiately pulled the fish up with the bonny still in it's mouth and loaded it on the boat. All this did not take longer than Five minutes although it felt much longer.


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